Wednesday and the World: Myanmar (Burma)

August 19, 2015



Population: 51 million

Percentage of Christians: 7%

Major Religions: Buddhist (80%); Folk Religion (6%); Islam (4%);  Hinduism (2%)


The Early Missionary Work in Myanmar


With a young wife and a couple of other missionaries, Adoniram Judson boarded a boat to India on February 5, 1812.  This team would be known as the first missionaries sent by America.  After a 4-month journey, the Judson’s arrived in India, but his journey was not complete.  It would take another year before Judson arrived at his chosen destination: Burma. 


        Missionary work seemed an impossible task.  Between the heat, the poor food and the debilitating diseases, the Judson’s saw impossible odds.  Add to their pain, they lost two of their babies to disease in Burma and were imprisoned several times.  Nothing stopped Judson’s call to a people he knew needed the Gospel desperately. 


          During Judson’s lifetime, 7000 believers were baptized, 63 Christian congregations were formed, and the Bible was translated into the Burmese language by the great missionaries’ hand, which is still in use today.


Today in Myanmar (Burma)


            The nation of Myanmar is far from being a reached people for the Gospel.  With political unrest, hostility to the Gospel, and decades of civil war, the mission’s work has been slow and extremely difficult.  While the people of Myanmar have known deep suffering and oppression, there is hope in Myanmar. 

            Currently, missionaries are training national pastors through Bible colleges.  This is critical and strategic to the Asian peninsula.  While most of the peninsula is closed to the Gospel, Myanmar is not.  This allows our Bible colleges to train local Asian pastors that can reach deep into regions that very few, if any North American missionaries could ever go.  Through these efforts, millions of people will be reached with the Gospel for the very first time.


How to Pray for Myanmar:


            Even though Myanmar is not completely closed to the Gospel, it is hostile at times to it.  Persecution still exists for those who serve Christ.  We need to pray for the men and women in Myanmar who have converted and dedicated their lives to Christ.  Pray that they do not grow weary in doing good.  Secondly, we need to pray for the continual funding of the Bible college.  New curriculum needs to be purchased, so that they may have adequate theological training.  Thirdly, we need to pray that those being trained can carry the Gospel into the other Asian peninsula nations, and through their efforts, many will trust in Christ.


How to Give


            If you are interested in giving to these efforts, you can give securely here: ( 

All proceeds will go towards Burma Bible College and you will receive a charitable giving receipt by the Assemblies of God. 

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