Dealing With Doubt

August 24, 2015



I am the first to admit that I deal with doubt; I think all of us do on some 


level.  It is man’s fallen state that makes him want to trust himself more than 


trusting the creator.  Doubt resides in us all, and it is a valuable weapon in the 


enemy’s arsenal.  


While we preachers tend to focus on “major” sins often in our preaching, 


something like doubt goes unnoticed.  Yet, doubt is the most potent of sins.  Think 


about it:  Satan did not tempt Adam and Eve with power, money or sex.  He tempted 


them by placing a seed of doubt in their head when he said, “Did God really say…” 


They bought the line and brought devastating consequences to all of humanity.  


He employed the same tactic when tempting Jesus in the wilderness by 


twisting the word of God to plant seeds of doubt.  However, Jesus was rooted in the Spirit 


and God would not fall victim to the devilish predator.  He combatted the 


scheme of the enemy with scripture regarding the character and nature of God. 


Doubt wants you to forget about God’s goodness and his sovereignty.  God is 


in control and he is working everything for our good behind the scenes.  We must 


trust his steady hand.   He knows beginning from end,  he knows what direction 


to point us, what opportunities are  best for us, and what doors to open or close.  


His ways are higher than ours, and he will be proven faithful to those he loves.  


So, for all my fellow doubters, remember that you serve a God who is not 


indifferent to your life.  He gives good gifts to his children.  Even though it may seem 


dark, he will guide you through to a place of glorious life.  All we must do is trust 



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