Monday Devotional: Pure Joy

January 9, 2017



Text: James 1:1-18



Life is full of adversity, trials and hardships.  The Biblical writer James does not tell us that trials might come, instead he tells us that they will come.  In the first eighteen verses of his letter, James intends to give us a different perspective.  We are to consider our trials as a joy because they will shape us to be more like our Creator.  C.S. Lewis tells us, “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” With this in mind, reflect on your last trial. 


Describe your last “trial” in detail.


What did you benefit from the trial?  Was it a new perspective?  Was it wisdom? Did it make your walk stronger with the Lord?


What would tell someone who is going through a similar trial?  What counsel did you receive that helped you?


What did you not want to hear during the midst of your trial? What discouraged you the most in this season?



Read: Isaiah 40


In the midst of the trials of life, I often turn to God’s word for comfort. It has a way of sustaining me during difficult seasons. While there are so many scriptures that can bring comfort, one of my favorites is Isaiah 40.  In this chapter, the great prophet reminds us of the greatness of our God and how this same God will give us strength when we need it the most.  We are never alone in the darkness because we have an all-powerful God.   While trials are inevitable, we can have pure joy knowing that our great God is renewing us daily and giving us energy to overcome the adversity.    

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