Your New Life: Day 3 Devotional

September 25, 2018



In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. — Genesis 1:1 (ESV)


The first verse of the Bible is God’s simply stated answer for a question mankind has wrestled with and debated for centuries: How did the universe begin?


God created it.


Genesis – as is almost all of the Old Testament – was originally written in Hebrew. The Hebrew word for created implies that God created the heavens and the earth out of nothing. Every time that same word is used in the Bible, God is its subject. The creation of the first verse is a creation from nothing that could only be the result of God’s desire and action. Creation was uniquely God’s work.


It has been said that if you believe Genesis 1:1, it is easy to accept the rest of the Bible. The ramifications of the first verse include that because creation is by God, creation is under God. He existed before there was time – before “the beginning,” as we know the beginning to be. We are not here by chance. Or by accident. That we are alive today and walking on this earth is God’s idea and made possible solely by Him. 


God created for a purpose, which is revealed later in that chapter and developed throughout the rest of Scripture: to have a relationship with mankind.


Out of His love, God made you in order that you could know Him. Pretty cool, huh?


TODAY’S PRAYER: God, thank you for desiring to have a relationship with mankind. With me. I believe that I exist only because of You. I know that you have a plan for me, and I am grateful You have given us the Bible so that we can grow in relationship with You.




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